Lady Gaga Went Out In A Bra In The Middle Of Winter

Totally casual.
PHOTO: Tony Oudot/

London, like the rest of the Western Hemisphere, is currently experiencing a chilly winter. And while it rarely snows in the capital and temperatures even creep up to the double digits, the overall coldness is still a bitch to deal with. So yeah, most people seem to be bundling up and wearing outfits like these:

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Unless your name is Lady Gaga, of course, and have no reservations about stepping out in a bra and a leg-baring skirt.

I mean, why not, right? It’s not every day you can wear a vintage Gianni Versace look from the archives.

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So ~*chill*~.

Fuck fashion rules! This woman wears what she wants, possible case of hypothermia be damned.

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Let’s just hope she went straight into a heated car after these photos were taken.

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