This Is How Lee Sung Kyung Dresses When She's Not Kim Bok Joo

Spoiler: We love her style.
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In Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Lee Sung Kyung as the titular character is every inch the adorable varsity athlete. She subsists on a wardrobe of baggy silhouettes and boyish designs, and has a slightly awkward fringed hairstyle to boot!

Outside the hit K-drama, however, Sung Kyung is the opposite. As a sought-after model and actress, she's a seasoned pro at dressing up and looking glamorous. Whether fulfilling her duties as an ambassador for Laneige or nailing travel fashion with ease, Lee Sung Kyung has style in spades.

Ahead, seven factors that define her look:

1. Ethereal red carpet gowns

For formal events and occasions, Sung Kyung has a penchant for delicate pastel gowns that lend an otherworldly quality to her look.

2. Romantic florals

A departure from the oversized sweats on WFKBJ! Sung Kyung has a rotation of charming printed dresses in her collection.

3. Girly pieces with an edgy twist

Sung Kyung has no problem embracing her femininity, but not without unexpected additions like eye-catching prints and moody colors.

4. Cool and comfy travel OOTDs 

She's no stranger to traveling the world, often equipped with practical clothing that still spell c-h-i-c.

5. Quirky headgear

In case you haven't noticed, she loves topping off her outfits with beanies, berets, and headbands!

6. Dressed-up denim

Take a tip from the actress and liven up basic denim with layers, prints, and pops of color.

7. Slip dresses over shirts

Staples in every Korean girl's wardrobe, slip dresses and shirts look even better when combined together.

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