This Local Brand Makes Beautiful Jewelry Out Of Imperfect Diamonds

They're adorably called 'salt-and-pepper diamonds!'
PHOTO: Instagram/littlewhitepouch

Admit it: If you see yourself getting married in the future, you've probably planned your dream wedding to a T, and nothing but the perfect diamond engagement ring will do! But if we told you that imperfect diamonds were just as beautiful, would you believe us? 

Little White Pouch is a custom jewelry shop that specializes in creating imperfect, aka "salt-and-pepper" diamonds! According to ABS-CBN, they're around 30-50% cheaper than a regular diamond, because of the white and black inclusions in the stones (hence the salt-and-pepper moniker). 

The shop isn't taking custom-made orders in January, but their ready-made items are still up for sale! Can you see the specks in the designs below?

Maybe diamonds aren't really your thing? They've got other precious stones too, like rose quartz, turquoise, amethyst, and alexandrite:

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