Here Are The Designer Belt Bags Celebs Are Loving Right Now

They've got fanny pack fever, too!
PHOTO: Instagram/lizzzuy

There's no denying it—belt bags, or fanny packs, are everywhere these days! They're easy to wear and style, especially since they free up your hands and shoulders when traveling. Check out these designer belt bag picks on the celebs we've spotted below:

Sarah Lahbati wore this gorgeous Chanel calfskin bag in Spain, which costs $2,900 (P156,626.10):

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Sofia Andres paired this Gucci Retro GG Logo Belt Bag (which costs P75,093) with Louis Vuitton sneakers. Why not go designer-on-designer, right? 

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Although Supreme is considered designer streetwear, Laureen Uy bought this bag in LA for $55 (P2,971.51)—definitely a steal if you're shopping for high-end brands:

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She also scored this pretty rare Balenciaga logo waist bag, which can go up to $950 (P51,281.48) at authorized resellers:

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This Gucci GG Marmont matelasse leather bag is definitely a stylish classic on Liz Uy and costs $1,100 (P59,378.55).

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