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13 Essential Maymay Entrata Poses To Up Your IG Game

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PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/caliberking, Instagram/patdy11 via Instagram/maymay, (RIGHT) Instagram/cntpatricia_ via Instagram/maymay

With a potential runway debut on the horizon and fresh looks served on the regular, Maymay Entrata is the definition of a girl who can look good in anything! She's definitely the perfect peg for upping your IG game. So, we gathered her picture-perfect poses here:

Do you want to draw attention to the top you're wearing? Tug it downward with one hand and upward with another, to emphasize its print.

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You can experiment with a lower angle too, especially if you're wearing a show-stopping gown!

Rest a hand on your waist to draw attention to it, just like the pose below:

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If you're wearing a ball gown, try a side pose to draw attention to your skirt. Step your free leg backward and hold your clutch bag close to your hip.

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Here's a flattering pose to try while sitting down: Lengthen your gams by extending your legs forward and crossing them at the ankles.

Your hands can be folded lightly in front of you. Keep your eyes down, looking at your lap:

Crouch down at the camera and play with your hair.

This pose works pretty well if it's windy outside:

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If it gets too windy and you can't lightly touch your hair, pose like you're putting it in a ponytail, instead! Look to the side, with one leg slightly extended:

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Stand on one foot with your free leg bent away from you. Stare straight at the camera and stay fierce!

Show off your halter top by exposing that back! 

Bonus OOTD points if you're taking this on vacation! This is an excellent way to show off your tan, too:

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If you're wearing a coat with intricate details, make it the focal point of the photo by looking straight at the camera. Place both hands in your pockets and step one leg in front of the other to emphasize its silhouette.

Try looking laidback by sitting on stairs in the most relaxed way.

Rest your feet comfortably on the stair steps and rest your hands lightly on your thighs:

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If you want to show off those cute pants you just bought, extend one leg to the side and rest your elbow on your knee.

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You don't have to do much to look great if your gown has pockets! Try this side pose with your hands in your pockets.

Keep your lips parted slightly for that ~*low-key fierce*~ look:

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