Check Out Meghan Markle's Trick For Making Her Outfits Look Sleek

We're going to be trying this out ASAP!

Imagine being Meghan Markle and having to always leave the house looking presentable. Honestly it would be a struggle, especially on Sundays.

That's why the new(ish) Duchess of Sussex has worked hard at creating her own set of style rules, to make getting dressed for formal occasions a little bit easier.

You've probably noticed a few already, such as sticking to an easy colour palette (aka mostly black), and not straying from tried and tested brands. Then there's her appreciation of tailoring, which always makes her look ready for business, and knowing how to dress for her body shape.

And there's one more trick Meghan has up her sleeve to ensure her outfit is always as polished as it could be. You see, the Duchess is a real fan of wearing a bodysuit instead of a top when she's rocking separates. She did it recently at the launch of the charity cookbook she is supporting, as well as back in February, pre-wedding, when she attended the Endeavour Awards in London with her Prince Harry, and on their first official engagement in Nottingham.

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Why a bodysuit, we hear you ask? Unlike a top which can be tricky to tuck in to trousers or skirts and may cause bulging, bodysuits are much more seamless to wear with other clothes.

Stylist Alexandra Fullerton told the Mail Online: "Bodysuits are a very smart way of dressing as they never bunch or ruche under outfits, meaning she can get on with the business of being a Duchess, rather than worrying that her top is untucking itself."

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OK so we may not be Duchesses like Meghan, but we have important business to attend to as well, right? Let's all make sure we're not distracted by switching our tops for bodysuits, then.


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