15 Outfits That Prove Nadine Lustre And Kendall Jenner Are Style Twins

Two of our favorite fashion icons, most def.
PHOTO: Instagram/nadzlustre, kendalljenneroutfits, kendalljenner_news

Nadine Lustre and Kendall Jenner may be from totally different worlds—one’s a super talented, super cool actress who takes awesome photos and calls James Reid her boyfriend, while the other is easily the most popular supermodel (and all-around It girl) of the selfie generation—but, as these photos prove, their styles are actually on the same wavelength. Below, 15 times Nadz and Kenny twinned so hard, we just had to do a double take. 

1. Head-to-toe nude + turtleneck + buckle skirt

2. Black coat + backpack

3. Flannel shirt + crop top + choker

4. Black mini dress + thigh-high gladiators

5. Strapless jumpsuit + sleek hair

6. Crop top + longline cardi + cutoffs

7. Striped top + skinny pants

8. Oversized sweater + choker

9. Halter-neck black maxi + lots of leg

10. Nude top + camel overcoat + light-wash jeans

11. Long-sleeved bodycon midi dress

12. Boho off-shoulder top + asymmetrical hem

13. Intricate nude dress

14. Crop top + suspender pants + white sneakers

15. Leather jacket + denim jeans + ankle boots

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