Nadine Lustre And Hyoyeon Of Girls' Generation Seriously Look Like Sisters

No, we don't need our eyes checked.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/jellyeugenio, (RIGHT) Instagram/watasiwahyo

We just have to say it: Nadine Lustre and Hyoyeon of Girls' Generation could pass off as long-lost sisters!

For the completely unaware, Hyoyeon is the girl group's dancing queen and a K-Pop star in her own right, while Nadine is, of course, Nadine—actress, singer, perennial cool girl, style icon, and James Reid's lady love.

We first noted the resemblance after seeing promotional photos for Hyoyeon's new single, "Wannabe," last month. There was something oddly familiar about it, and then it hit us.

The similarity is strongest when both girls turn on the ~swag~, and the styling—hair, makeup, clothes—definitely contributes to the overall effect.

We checked Twitter to find out if anyone else sees it, and true enough, several fans have made the connection.

This fan certainly articulated it well.

Whether you agree or not, however, doesn't change the fact that both women are gorgeous AF. <3

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