This Lingerie Collection Has The Perfect Shade Of Nude For Your Skin Tone

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In what may be the best fashion news we’ve heard today, American underwear brand Naja has released a line of bras and knickers in seven shades suitable for varying skin tones. The Nude for All collection is Naja’s answer to every woman’s quest to find nude underwear that actually suits her color. After all, what’s nude to someone with pale porcelain skin won’t be nude to another with a deep morena tan.

Naja is the brainchild of Catalina Girald, a former gymnast who got the idea while watching the 2012 Olympics. According to Elle, Catalina noticed USA team gymnast Gabby Douglas wearing “nude” shoes that didn’t actually match her skin. She approached Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez with the idea and asked her to be her partner, and the brand soon took off under Catalina’s guidance.

Currently, the Nude for All collection has one seamless bra style, the Sasha; and three seamless underwear styles, the Classic high-waist panty, the Bikini, and the Thong. It’s good to know that the line caters to bigger sizes, with underwear going up to a 2XL and bras up to a 40D. What’s also interesting is Naja’s “Match with Makeup” feature, which helps you find your perfect nude according to your shade in a few famous foundation products. Prices are what you’d expect from a mid- to high-end quality underwear label, with the Sasha bra at $52 (approximately P2,428) and the most expensive panty style at $22 (around P1,028).

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“It's time for people to have shoes in different colors. And leotards. And lingerie,” Catalina says. “I'm really excited.”

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