Off The Ramp: Cute Date Outfit Ideas For You And Your Guy

Popular designers Rajo Laurel and Kate Torralba created cute, quirky, fun pieces you and your guy could wear on Valentine's Day! Check out our report.

When you're coupled up, it's so easy to sink into that trap called complacency: some couples tend to start caring less about how they look and dress up. Cosmo chicks should know better than to neglect your looks when you've already snagged your man. Keep challenging yourself--and him!--to continue to look great for each other everyday (even if you say you love each other even on your worst days). And, romantic occasions like Valentine's Day should be the perfect excuse to take the effort to look great a notch higher. Designer duds, anyone?

We don't mean you have to spend for it either. Two dynamic and funky forces in the fashion industry, Kate Torralba and Rajo Laurel, were tapped by local brands Paperdolls and Wharton respectively to come up with new collections of fun, wearable, and retro-gorgeous outfits for gals and their guys to wear on Valentine's Day and the summer months that follow it. They launched the collection at the Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011, in a star-studded fashion show that Cosmo attended.

Notable ladies outfits at the show were savvy tops, dresses, shorts, and skirts which were done in a combination of loud Pucci-esque prints and neutral undertones. For the gentlemen, meanwhile, Rajo Laurel applied his masterful layering skills on the suits, shorts, and patterned shirts that made it to the runway that day...and into your man's closet (thanks to you!).

Launch the gallery to get some ideas for you and your guy's next date outfits.

With reports from Trixie Reyna

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