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The Earrings Pia Wurtzbach Paired With Her Michael Cinco Gown

PHOTO: (PIA) Instagram/gerrypenaso, (EARRINGS) Instagram/marquis.bias

Pia Wurtzbach’s final walk as Miss Universe will go down in history as the most epic one ever—mainly because we’re biased, but also because she s-l-a-y-e-d every second of it.

But while all eyes were on Pia and her Michael Cinco gown at that moment (ours included), something else caught our attention once most of the madness died down. We’re talking about these massive earrings dangling from the beauty queen’s lobes—look how they go perfectly with her dress!


We have no idea how we failed to notice these the first time, but with that size, you can see these babies all the way from outer space.

We did a little stalking and learned that these are by Boston-based jewelry designer April Soderstrom. Pia’s Miss Universe stylist, Marquis Bias, credits her for personally creating the accessories as “the perfect final touch to her last moments as Miss Universe.” Agree!

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Over at April’s official website, we found even more Swarovski crystal earrings that the designer crafts for her clients, including those worn by Miss USA Olivia Jordan at Miss Universe 2015. Earrings start at $230 (P11,433), but naturally go up depending on the intricacy of the design and the materials used. We couldn’t find Pia’s particular pair yet, though it probably won’t be long before they’re available for purchase!

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