If You Loved Polly Pocket As A Child, You'll Want This Bag

Seriously, look at it.
PHOTO: TruffleShuffle

Prepare to be hit with a wave of nostalgia, CGs! One of our favorite '90s toys ever—next to Barbie dolls, of course—has just been given the 2017 update. Polly Pocket was always high up our wish lists every time special occasions came around, even if we always ended up losing those ridiculously tiny doll figurines. 

I mean, really: Which girl didn’t collect those pastel playthings that were also our dream homes and villages in miniature form?

The version that came out in the 2000s had ~*nothing*~ on these, especially since the former weren't even pocket-sized…

And because we never really outgrew our love for all things pink and pretty, it's inevitable that we be just as obsessed with this bag. According to Pretty52, it retails for £37.99 (around P2,430) and will be available beginning June 8 at Truffle Shuffle.

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If you've always dreamed of packing your barest essentials in a pink Polly Pocket heart, you know what to do.

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