Real Career Women Craft Sapato Manila's Latest Designs

Check out the stylish yet comfy designs from the footwear brand's latest collection, featuring the creations of five fashion-forward ladies.

When you’re constantly on the go, a comfy yet stylish pair of shoes is a must. As you juggle deadlines, keep up with your raging social life, and squeeze in some QT with your honey, a sturdy yet spiffy pair of shoes can help you coast through your busy day.

Every Cosmo girl believes that style shouldn’t be sacrificed for comfort, or comfort for style. So does  Sapato Manila, as the footwear brand unveils 20 new styles of flats, sandals, wedges, and heels that marry comfort, style, and affordability.

For their latest offerings, Sapato Manila asked five accomplished and fashion-forward women who are loyal customers of the brand to come up with creative designs for the Sapato Manila Women Collection. In partnership with Museo Pambata, Sapato Manila donates a portion of the profit for every pair sold to the museum’s Mobile Library Program.  

Among the designers are entrepreneur and artist Charisse Tinio, writer Chary Mercado, interior designer Marga Espiritu, career woman Hirene Lopez, and yogi and entrepreneur Monique Borja.

The shoe designs for this collection were inspired by each woman’s personality and lifestyle. For Charisse Tinio, wedges strike the perfect balance between fashion and function. "The height [of wedges] makes it more fashionable, in my opinion. I wanted [my design to be] a wedge because I’m a multi-tasker. I do so many things so it has to be very comfortable.”  

Similarly, Marga Espiritu designed her shoe to cater to her busy lifestyle. “I’m a day-to-night kind of person, I have three kids, I have a business, and I run a household. I needed something that is versatile that allows me to walk fast and is comfortable--which is the most important.”

Yogi Monique Borja describes her personal style as “simple, easy, and fresh,” which is why she chose gold and beige on leather to create her Sapato Manila ballet flats.

Check out the rest of the the Sapato Manila Women Collection in our gallery!

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