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We Have Exclusive Details From Richard Juan's Seoul Fashion Week Experience

He got to host an online special about the prestigious event!
PHOTO: Instagram/richardjuan

Remember Richard Juanthe adorable Kim Soo Hyun look-alike at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant? We caught up with the cutie at the Viu Philippines streaming party for their Seoul Fashion Week special, which Richard got to host! 

In a quick interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines, Richard discussed his experience meeting Korean designers, being dressed in chic Seoul Fashion Week outfits, and what he thinks of the global phenomenon that is Korean fashion:

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What was your most memorable experience from Seoul Fashion Week?

Honestly, being able to experience Korean makeup and hair. I hear a lot of stories about how [professionally they treat hair and makeup], and how they've mastered it. In one of the behind-the-scenes videos, I even tried pulling my hair to see if it would move, but it was so stiff. Every morning, I'd wake up at 6:30 a.m. to go to the salon to get my hair and makeup done, and I'd finish by 8-ish. By midnight, everything they did was still intact. They really put a lot of effort into making sure I looked perfect. 

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You were styled by some designers at Seoul Fashion Week, too. Was the styling as meticulous as the hair and makeup process?

For sure—they knew what they were doing. Korean fashion is such a big thing. Fashion brands like LIE and Kye are famous brands worldwide. Kye is worn by Hollywood stars and prominent Korean artists like G-Dragon. They really treat their craft seriously and that inspired me, too. I want to master my own craft and aspire for a more global reach, just like them.

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You've been exposed to both Manila's and Seoul's fashion scenes. What do you think is so special about the fashion in Seoul that people are so interested in?

I think [Koreans] are very brave in trying to mix things up. They don't go with the safe options lang. They're very daring in trying to mix and match prints. For example, Kye is very street but at the same time, very daring. Parang, pinu-push nila yung limit ng design. I see a lot of different countries in the world that go with relatively safer options. They don't dare to push the limit in terms of what can be seen as nice and trendy. 

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What qualities of Korean fashion can Pinoys pick up?

I went to Seoul Fashion Week's Spring/Summer 2019 segment so I was able to see a lot of different stuff they have ready for the season. A lot of them are really just t-shirts and shorts, but it's the way they mix and match that really makes them stand out. It's possible [to try it in the Philippines], and if you have the guts to be daring and stand out, you can totally go for it.

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You can check out Richard hosting the Seoul Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 special on Viu Premium

*Answers have been edited for clarity.

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