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There Is A Wedding Dress Inspired By Rory Gilmore

And we want to get married in it.
PHOTO: Gilmore Girls/Netflix

We're currently eagerly awaiting the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflixwhich we'll be able to binge watch from Friday, November 25and so unless your opening words to us are "I read this cool thing on Rory Gilmore," we're not really interested in any other conversation ATM.

Thankfully, there is some rather exciting Rory Gilmore news that has us jumping up and down right nowthe Rory-inspired wedding dress.

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We're not sure if Rory will walk down the aisle in the four-part series, but talk of a "very special" ending has got us praying for a wedding. And thanks to bridal designer Floravere, we can envision what Rory might look like if she does become a bride.

Floravere explains on their website: "The R.Gilmore honors the woman who embraces tradition but adds her own personality and verve to it, who is beautiful and smart, witty and kind, independent and deeply rooted."

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