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The Designer Shoes Sarah Lahbati Has Worn In Her Instagram OOTDs

And how much each pair is!
PHOTO: Instagram/sarahlahbati

Stalk Sarah Lahbati long enough and you won't have a hard time recognizing one telling detail about her shopping habits—the actress loves shoes. And we don't mean just any old pair—we're talking designer styles, all of them incredibly Instagrammable.

Dior J'Adior slingback kitten heels

Along with Dior's "We Should All Be Feminists" t-shirts, a standout at the Spring/Summer 2017 runway show were the J'Adior accessories. Proudly emblazoned on bags, jewelry, and footwear, the eye-catching logo has naturally become a fixture on Instagram feeds.

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J'Adior slingback kitten heels, starts at $814 (P40,378), Dior

Aquazzura Amazon lace-up heels

Extremely sexy heels are an Aquazzura trademark—the Florence-based brand is practically synonymous with ultra-strappy shoes that lace up one's calves.

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Amazon lace-up heels, $695 (P34,475), Aquazzura

Miu Miu feather embellished heels

A showstopper of a heel, Miu Miu's luxurious satin and feather sandals truly deserve an Instagram #shoefie. And the perfect pedicure, obviously.

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Feather embellished heels in black, £790 (P50,580), Miu Miu

Gucci Princetown fur-lined slippers

A remix of the brand's classic horsebit loafers, these debuted on the Gucci men's runway in mid-2015 and swiftly took over our social media feeds. Instagram click-bait if there ever was one.

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Princetown fur-lined slippers, $995 (P49,357), Gucci

Gucci Ace floral embroidered sneakers

The gold standard in white sneakers, Aces are the posh kid's Stan Smiths—the price tag is a testament to that. This floral pair has been uploaded on IG time and time again, but can you really blame people?

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Ace foral embroidered sneakers, $695 (P34,475), Gucci

Gucci Ace appliqué lips sneakers

White sneakers are clearly not created equal, because Sarah has another more recent Gucci pair, this time featuring mismatched heel tabs and a sparkly red pout.

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Ace appliqué lips sneakers, $870 (P43,156), Gucci

Gucci Peyton logo ankle boots

Bad-gal boots that belong on the feet of someone cool, Gucci's Peyton are the type you'd see stomping through the pavements of New York or London. Sarah's embellish-free pair is currently sold out, but we found an even better option below.

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Peyton pearl-encrusted ankle boots, $1,590 (P78,872), Gucci

Gucci Marmont logo sandals

What did we say about Sarah and her undying love affair with Gucci? The mid-heel Marmont sandals are our idea of a comfy dressy day shoe—they're currently sold out on the official site, but here's a higher heel for all you petite gals.

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Marmont logo sandals, $695 (P34,475), Gucci

Vetements lighter-heel sock boots

The designer shoe that launched a thousand memes and DIY attempts, Vetements' sock-boot hybrid is often met with either breathless amazement or utter confusion. Which side are you in?

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Lighter-heel sock boots, £883 (P56,534), Vetements

Chanel captoe slingback pumps

A design created by Coco Chanel herself in 1957, Karl Lagerfeld's modern update features skin-baring cutouts. Various colors and styles are now available, though Sarah's pair is the original from the Fall 2015 show.

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Captoe slingback pumps, $800 (P39,684), Chanel

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