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Sarah Lahbati Dresses Up Like Gigi Hadid In Switzerland

Off-duty style inspired by the supermodel.
PHOTO: Instagram/sarahlahbati

Look at this photo and tell us that's not Gigi Hadid staring back at you! Well, obviously not, but we can super tell which supermodel inspired Sarah Lahbati's dressed down look in Geneva, Switzerland—we've seen Gigi and even her sister, Bella Hadid, wear so many outfits like this in the past!

The Hadids love combining comfort with ~*fashion*~, something Sarah totally lives by, too. You might think that's just some regular hoodie, but those boxy football shoulders should clue you in. That's a design by Vetements (aka the It streetwear brand of recent years), and despite retailing for over P50,000, it's pretty much sold out everywhere.

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Sarah is also a big sneaker fan, and has no shortage of Adidas Yeezy Boosts in her collection. Look at her and Zion twinning in their black pairs—Richard Gutierrez apparently has one, too!

A girl can't live on hoodies and sweats alone, but that's totally okay, because jeans are just as comfy. Sarah's second Switzerland OOTD consists of an on-trend bell sleeve top, a furry vest, ripped jeans, and clean white Stan Smiths (but of course!).

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Tbh, Sarah is one woman who can make anything look sexy. A sweater and denim skirt might not seem like a typical date night combination, but she definitely makes it work.

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It's all about the details—in this case, go for a cropped sweater, pick a skirt with a leg-baring slit, and add fishnet tights. Hot!

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