5 Ways To Style Your Scarf, Especially If It's Too Hot To Wear An Actual Shirt

It looks super chic!
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I've been scrolling through Instagram lately, and I noticed that scarves are a ~thing~ again. A lot of celebrities and influencers have been wearing them as a replacement for their usual upper garments.

If you want to try migrating your scarf from around your head or neck to your ribcage, know that you aren't just limited to one style. Below, Rei Germar showed us five (!!!) different ways you can sport your silky fabric:

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  1. Triangle top

    Fold your scarf diagonally to create a large triangle. Tie the two ends together into a secure knot on your back. You can choose to leave the pointed part outside your pants like Rei, or you can also opt to tuck it inside.

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  2. Front knot top

    For this style, just do the triangle top and adjust it so that the pointed side is now on your back while the knot is in front. Adjust it accordingly to make sure you're ~covered~.

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  3. Tube top

    Fold your scarf diagonally to create a big triangle. Take the two ends and tie them across your back. For the pointed part in front, you can just tuck it on the underside of your makeshift tube, just like what Rei did.

  4. Front cross top

    For a more ~daring~ style, fold your scarf diagonally to create a triangle. Make sure the two ends are in front while the pointed side is in the back. Cross the two ends and tie them around your neck. Adjust the fabric covering your breasts accordingly.

  5. Halter top

    Take the two diagonally opposite corners and tie them so they can go around your neck. Grab the lowest point of the scarf and secure it with a small knot in front. Get the two remaining sides and wrap them around your midsection.


Check out Rei's TikTok video below:

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5 ways to wear a scarf as a top ???? Let me know if u want a separate tutorial on any of the looks! xx

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