These Pretty Mini Bags Will Convince You To Carry Less Stuff (And Kalat!)

Bye, shoulder pain!
PHOTO: Instagram/shoppoppy_

Gone are the days when we would lug around big bags (that practically have our entire life in them). In case you haven't heard, mini bags are cool again! (Check out the Cosmopolitan Philippines team's small bag contents here.) You might think that they are impractical because they can only hold a few items, but you'd be surprised. You can fit your curated essentials (and a little extra), plus your back and shoulders will thank you!

Shop Poppy is an Instagram shop that sells structured bags that can go with any look. Each bag is small enough that your shoulders won't suffer, but big enough that you can still carry your daily essentials. 

Below, a roundup of their cutest bags:

  1. The Catherine

    Have art wherever you go with the Catherine! It's a handbag that has a detachable chain strap for days when you don't feel like carrying it in the crook of your arm. The Catherine costs P1,499.

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  2. The Brix 

    This cute multi-way bag can be worn over your shoulder, or your waist if you want, to keep your essentials close to you. The Brix costs P1,099.

  3. The Poppy

    This bag teaches you to curate your essentials. The Poppy bag can fit your cards, valid IDs, keys, some cash, and gum. It's perfect for quick little errands or when you're out partying! Get the Poppy for only P999.

  4. The Avery

    This mini handbag has a crocodile texture that comes in pastel colors. It also has a detachable strap. The Avery is P1,499.

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  5. The Kendra

    Flaunt your cute essentials with this PVC sling purse that has pearls embedded in it! The Kendra can be yours for only P999.

  6. The Olivia

    This mini shoulder bag will *totes* (sorry, I had to, LOL!) give you '90s flashbacks! The Olivia is priced at P1,499.

  7. The Mira

    This elegant structured faux leather bag comes with a metal ring handles and a chain strap. Perfect for dates with your man! ;) The Mira is P1,499.

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  8. The Kirsten

    This fun bag makes for an interesting conversation starter with its loud pop of colors and its chic clear acrylic handles. The Kirsten is P1,599.

  9. The Sage

    Picnic basket, but make it fashion! This black woven bag can be used on its own, or with its detachable chain. This cute, dainty bag is P1,890.

BRB, ordering structured bags ASAP! Bye sweldo!

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