20 Matching Tattoos For You And Your Sister

We're pretty sure this is a tattoo you'll never regret getting.
PHOTO: Instagram/joanastein01

If the idea of getting inked for the first time freaks you TF out, how about taking your sister along for the ride? Sisters are that rare kind of people who will tolerate your craziness—and still love you regardless of how outrageous you can be. Below, 20 matching tattoos you and your sister will love:

1. Pinky promise

2. I, II, III

3. A phone call away

4. "For her, I'd risk it all." "Because of her, I will not fall."

5. Matroyshka dolls

6. Big Dipper and Little Dipper

7. Sisters on swings

8. Always.

9. Flowers

10. Anchors

11. Come fly with me.

12. One of two, two of two

13. "You keep me safe." "You keep me wild."

14. Dots

15. Big sister, little sister

16. Two sisters (and a brother)

17. Matching hearts

18. "More precious than gold."

19. Sun and moon

20. Metamorphosis

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