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There's Such A Thing As A Skinny Mirror?!

But we're not sure if we like it.

Yep, The Skinny Mirror is an actual fashion invention—and we are very, very afraid.

According to the brand's official website, if you look into the mirror, you'll "notice a slightly taller and slimmer reflection of you." Creator Belinda Jasmine says she invented the product because she had an old mirror that made her look heavy. "I was trying real hard to come to grips and accept my body as I was seeing myself in the distorted reflection," she shared in the official website.

So she invented the mirror that has these "curves" to give people a flattering reflection of themselves.

Which is cool and all, because who doesn't want to be sexy IRL? But then let's say you're fitting a new dress at a store with said mirror, and you look sooo good. Too good, actually. But then you go out of the dressing room, and the outfit doesn't look as spectacular on you anymore.

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"My thought with The Skinny Mirror is maybe all we need to love ourselves a little more is to see ourselves in a slightly different perspective. The Skinny Mirror doesn't change how you look, [it] just changes how you see yourself," Belinda says.

Our take? It's a fantastic invention, but we really do want to see how the dress actually looks like on us before buying it.

How do you feel about The Skinny Mirror? Sound off by commenting below!

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