Where To Buy Those Pretty Pearl Earrings Everyone's Been Wearing

These will never go out of style!
PHOTO: Instagram/finamanila (LEFT); Instagram/februarylifestyle (RIGHT)

Here's a style tip I've learned over the years: Wearing the right accessories can instantly elevate any look. The easiest to put on? Pretty earrings. But if you think you're not made for big and bold styles, we recommend sticking to classic pearls with modern twists. Here, we round up the prettiest earrings to shop for if you love pearls. Be warned, though—they might make you want to get more piercings

1. Clarkson earrings, P315, Malanne

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2. Minimalist pearl hoop earrings, P100, heynic.ph

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3. Cora Earrings, P380, heycandy.ph

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4. Fresh water pearl hoop earrings, P480, Aritos PH

5. Thalia pearl earrings, P320, Hey Candy

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6. Kadita shell + pearl earrings, P350, Ladea Accessories

7. Serena Dangling Earrings, P649, Penny Pairs

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8. Teardrop pearl earrings, P599, Penny Pairs

9. Ondina Earrings, P600, Madison and Reese

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10. Felipa earrings, P790, Fina Manila

11. Aragon earrings, P790, Fina Manila

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12. Pearl cascade removable drop earrings, P799, Hiraya Accessories

13. Gold spring and pearl earrings, P798, February Lifestyle

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14. Bare Fruit earrings, P698, February Lifestyle

15. Blissful Bloom earrings, Fresa, P655

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16. Dangling earrings, P500, Double Oh

17. Siam in Pearl, P2,150, Lily Jewelry

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18. Laos in Green Agate, P2,150, Lily Jewelry

19. White pearl concha, P1,800, Pranca Jewelry

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20. Bronte Ear Cuff, P2,100 RAM Jewelry

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