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The Biggest Misconceptions About Jeans

"Skinny jeans are just for skinny people," and other rules, debunked.

1. Skinny jeans are for skinny people.
NOT TRUE. Skinny jeans are universally flattering, because they make legs look longer. If you're a curvy girl, you should steer away from flared or wide-legged jeans, because those can actually cut your length, and make you shorter. Wash plays a huge role in how your legs will look, so if you're on the fuller side, stick to pants with a darker wash. Not a fan of skinny jeans? Bootleg or straight cut jeans never go out of style.

2. You have to wash them after every use.
NOT TRUE. Dark denims fade out every time you put them in the washing machine. The best thing about jeans is that they were made to be soiled. So the more "used" they look, the better. We're not saying never wash 'em, but if you want to prolong your favorite pair of jeans, air-dry them after every use. If they start to smell funky, then you toss them in the machine.

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3. Flared jeans look good when paired with flats.
NOT TRUE. Flared jeans are tricky, because you have to wear them with heels all the time. Your heels should be high enough so that your feet are covered, and the pants' hem slightly brushes the floor. If your heels are too high, then your feet can be seen, and that's just weird. The general rule is that you should never pair flared or wide-legged jeans with flats, because you'll look smaller. Unless you have Taylor Swift's legs.

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4. If it fits, buy it.
NOT TRUE. Jeans are actually one of the hardest clothing items to buy. If the pants fit, and you look incredible, go buy it. But check how your butt looks in the mirror. Sometimes, you look great in front, but the jeans' butt pockets mess up how your behind looks. We like Freego's new Slounge jeans, which lifts your butt and makes your legs look slimmer. Plus, they feel like cotton. Seriously.

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