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The Most Stylish K-Drama Heroines Of 2017

In K-drama land, people are flawless, pore-less, and well-dressed.
PHOTO: (1) Legends of The Blue Sea/SBS, (2) 20th Century Boy and Girl/MBC, (3) The Bride Of Habaek/tvN, (4) Woman Of Dignity/JTBC

We all know that in K-drama land, aside from everyone being flawless and pore-less, everyone dresses well, too. How they put together outfits definitely reflects their character and whatever ~drama~ they’re going through.

Here, we recap the top four K-drama heroines who have influenced our style last year:

  1. SHIM CHUNG in Legends Of The Blue Sea (2016-2017)

    If there’s anyone who has the power to make literally ~anything~ look instantly fab, it’s actress Jun Ji-Hyun. She debuts in the drama as mermaid Shim Chung by making second-hand fashion look ~*expensive*~

    Eventually, she transitions to actual designer wear and puts her style skills to good use: looking cute for Joon-Jae, looking fab as she fights for Joon-Jae, and looking chic right beside Joon-Jae.
    She definitely takes her fashion lessons seriously, even going as far as taking her style to bed, too, (quite literally!):

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  2. SA JIN-JIN in 20th Century Boy And Girl (2017)

    Idol Sa Jin-Jin has an extensive earrings collection, which makes us think she actually chopped her hair short to emphasize long, dangling accessories:

    Other than earring exposure, another purpose of her bob cut is to showcase the well-tailored lapels and shoulders of her luxe coats!
    But really, take away everything, and you know Jin-jin still has that ~idol appeal~ in her. She’s chic, chic, chic (with her eyeliner on fleek!), be it in a hoodie, a baseball cap, or an overwhelming cotton candy coat:

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  3. YOON SO-AH in The Bride Of Habaek (2017)

    The epitome of casual cool girl, neuropsychologist So-Ah ~transforms~ the simplest of outfits into totally wearable, statement looks:

    And the best part is, her style is quite easy to copy: just stock up on lots of t-shirts and statement jackets (think bright reds, funky prints, or sweet pastel hues).
    No fuss, no frills—she’s the jeans and tee kinda girl we all aspire to be (and can we have that oppa, too?).

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  4. WOO AH-JIN in Woman Of Dignity (2017)

    Through confrontations, infidelity issues, and trying to save her family, there’s one thing that never failed Ah-Jin—and never left her: her elegant style.

    You can definitely bring on a smirk better when you’re clad in fur and statement jewelry:
    A final lesson in style: dreadful encounters, keeping nasty thoughts to yourself, and drinking your worries away is definitely more fun in designer wear.

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