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The Perfect Pair Of Tiny Shades According To Your Face Shape

Pick the most flattering one!
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Microscopic sunnies are (ironically) huge right now. This '90s throwback may puzzle you to no end, and we don't blame youafter all, they're pretty hard to pull off and are too small to actually shield your eyes from any UV rays. (Fashion is funny like that.)

Want to jump into the trend anyway? Take the plunge! Below, a quick-as-lightning guide to which teeny-weeny frame shape would suit your face shape best.


If you've got a round face, offset its softness and toss on a pair of razor-thin rectangular sunglasses. The slimming effect is #real, BTW: the pointed corners of these frames will give you a more chiseled, contoured look!

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High cheekbones? Defined nose? Oval shades are a safe yet chic bet for anyone, but they're best for people with sharp features! The gently curving frames balance out an angular face to perfection.


Aviators, with their wide tops and tapered ends, suit heart-shaped faces well, and the same goes for any triangular frame. Here, it would be good to emphasize (and not contrast!) your features, so choose sunnies that follow the delicate natural slope of your cheeks.

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Complement a strong, square face with small round rims! It's all a game of symmetry, really. A Lennon-esque shape is not only a quirky choice but a flattering one, evening out your proportions in the best way. 

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