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These Celebrities' #Shoefie Games Are Spot On

Also, #fromwhereistand.

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If selfies are the perfect way to show the world you #wokeuplikethis, shoefies are the counterpart for your feet (well, duh). Those sneakers you asked your balikbayan cousin to hand carry from the States? They deserve a shoefie. The half-priced designer heels you watched like a hawk on eBay before finally making a successful bid? Shoefie-worthy. The best part? It doesn’t require you to brush your hair or put on makeup!

(But you might want to shave your legs.)

1. Nikki Gil
All girls need is a pair of pretty sandals for summer! Also, how clear is that water?!

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2. Jasmine Curtis Smith
White sneakers + interesting quote-y floor = instant likes!

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3. Kim Chiu
Can we please talk about how covetable Kim’s embellished Miu Miu sneakers are?

4. Sarah Lahbati
Sarah channels her inner rock chick in ripped black jeans and badass boots.

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5. Sofia Andres

There are so many good things about these slip-ons, we don’t even know where to begin. That snakeskin print though!

6. Kathryn Bernardo
A height boost never hurt anyone! Right, Kath?

7. Julia Barretto
These Louboutins are pretty much a party on Julia’s feet.

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8. Georgina Wilson
We want to know what George was wearing with her white Chucks!

9. Meg Imperial
A girl can’t live on heels alone. These leather driving shoes are like pillows for your feet.

10. Bianca King
Our attention is equally divided between that adorable dog and Bianca’s fringed loafers.

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