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These Jeans Come In 400 Sizes!

Technology is awesome.

You know that feeling when you try to buy a pair of jeans, and absolutely NOTHING fits? Sometimes the length is too short—or too long. Or sometimes your hips are too big for the jeans, but the waistline is perfect. Truth is, it's soo hard to find the perfect pair of jeans, because we don't all have an hourglass figure.

Inventor Crystal Beasley, who was a former web designer for Mozilla, came up with a solution, and she calls it QCut. It's not just an online shop where you can order jeans; it's actually an algorithm that helps you find the perfect pair.

There's no mass manufacturing involved, because they'll only make your jeans as soon as they get your measurements: your closest pant size, height, shoe size, weight, and bra size. You'd think that your bra and shoe sizes don't matter, but they do! There's also a part in the questionnaire that asks you, "What area is too big or small when you try on pants?"


It's all explained in the brand's website: "Your height and shoe size tell us about your skeleton. I can calculate a better inseam length so you won't need to take these to be hemmed. From your weight and bra size I learn about your curves. This lets us more accurately calculate the waist to hip ratio, a key reason why most pants don't fit."

Once QCut has all the necessary information, the algorithm matches your measurements with any of their 400 possible sizes. Which is crazy. Because retail stores will only provide you with about eight sizes.

It's not exactly custom-made, so ordering a pair of jeans don't guarantee a perfect fit, Crystal admitted in an interview. "But it'll be less than 1% of women, not the 99% of women who can't find jeans that fit right now."

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