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These Pants Were Designed So Guys Can Masturbate All Day, Every Day

The brand's tagline is "So you can play any time, anywhere."

Well, we never thought we'd live to see the day that sex or masturbation pants get invented, but whaddya know, they exist now!

Play Pants—which were invented by Lithuanian designer Robert Kalinkin—come with hidden zippers in front, so guys can have access to their penis 24/7.

Robert originally put the pants on Kickstarter, so he could find people to help fund the project. There was a clamor for the pants to be made, and the designer found an overwhelming amount of monetary support from 68 people£10,000 to be exact!

The pants aren't just convenient for masturbating, ya know. Because at least now guys can scratch their balls, without having to worry about people looking? LOL.

Genius, right?

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