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This Bride's Gown Has The Couple's Love Story Woven Into It

PHOTO: Instagram/kreshabajaj

You’re about to learn an amazing new way to up your wedding dress game.

Kresha Bajaj, a bride from Udaipur, India, just gave us major wedding goals when she designed this intricately beautiful look to wear on her special day. But that’s not the best part.  

This is the best part: Kresha had her and husband Vanraj Zaver’s love story woven into the traditional lehenga (long skirt). For real! 


In an interview with The Huffington Post, Kresha said, “Each kali (or panel) has a frame which depicts milestone moments from our life. So as you go around the lehenga from left to right, you can see our entire story unfold.”

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That includes a pattern in the middle of the skirt that’s a repeat of their names, a pair of jumping dolphins that looks back on the day the two met—while on a protest against captive sea animalsand wine glasses to represent their engagement in Maldives.

In a blog post, Kresha revealed that she intends to frame her skirt as art. "In order to have a piece of artwork up on our wall, it had be something meaningful, something we wouldn't get sick of looking at. And the one thing I knew we wouldn't get sick of looking at was our love story," she explained.


Now that’s inspiring!

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