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This Four-Year-Old Girl Dresses Better Than You

She really does.


CGs, meet your newest style icon! Nope, she’s not a globetrotting fashion blogger with million dollar endorsements under her belt, nor the leading lady of the newest blockbuster movie. She’s actually a four-year-old girl named Danielle Krystina, and she has the BEST miniature outfits we’ve ever seen.

Take, for example, this super chic ensemble she wore to Manila Fashion Festival. Check out that on-point shoulder robing, will ya?

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And the cold-shoulder turtleneck she paired with distressed jeans, an exposed midriff, and a messy side ponytail.

Continue reading below ↓ spoke to Dani's mom, Tin, to ask why she decided to make a social media account of Dani's OOTDs. As it turns out, Tin grew up watching runway shows, so fashion is very close to her heart. "When I finally had Dani, I got excited making clothes for her (DIY or upcycle), and I enjoyed shopping for her, too! I saw how my dad documented our baby photos, so I did the same thing. It's just that #OOTD is the thing these days," she shared.

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Although Dani and her mom do not have a particular style icon, Tin likes picking up inspiration from magazines and Pinterest. Right now, they're all about street style. "We started wearing Dr. Martens boots and ripped pants, which I personally make. So I can say that's Dani's trademark," Tin explained. "And messy buns, too!"

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Tin personally plans all of Dani's outfits for her, like any doting mom would. Shoes and accessories, however, are Dani's forte. "She likes to wear hats, and she can wear them all day. She likes wearing boots and sneakers, too!" Tin said. "I would be happy to influence her with my style, but I'd like her to express herself through the clothes she wear."

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Aside from customized clothing, where do else does the proud mom shop for Dani? "I like to shop at Zara and Gap," Tin said. "Dani likes to shop for colorful clothes in Pois Belly and Kids, and H&M. There are quite a few online shops that I love, like Laila and Lyra. I also recently opened an online customized clothes store called Emmanuelle Couture."

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Dani's got the blogger pose down pat! Also, we want those lace-up flats.

Her overalls are cooler than ours!

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Keep slaying and inspiring other girls—old and young alike—little one!

*Answers have been edited for clarity.

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