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Want To Get A Tattoo? This App Lets You Preview It!

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Ink Hunter

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment, one you should at least try to think hard about before taking the leap. We say try because life is also about spontaneity and making crazy decisions you might or might not regret—permanent ink on your skin included.

If you’re a complete sigurista who has toyed with the idea of having a part of your flesh tattooed, however, this recently launched app is set to become your new best friend. It’s called InkHunter, and it might just be the thing that determines whether you get inked or not.

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How does it work? Simple. Draw a smiley face on your arm (or whichever body part you prefer) to use as a reference for the app, The Daily Dot reports. The app, via your phone's camera, will then project the design into this particular spot, allowing you to see whether you’re sold on it or not. Watch the video below to see InkHunter do its magic:

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InkHunter already has a gallery with tattoo designs for you to play with, but if you’re anything like us, you’re going to want to upload your own delicate design—which you totally can! CEO Oleksandra Rohachova and her team of students from Karazina University in Ukraine created algorithms that allow black and white images to become transparent, so the one that appears on your skin will be as close to reality as possible. Amazing, right?

InkHunter is currently available on the App Store, with versions for Windows and Android expected to roll out soon. Download it stat, CGs!

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