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This Piece of Cloth is a Scarf, a Sleeping Bag, and a Sarong?

We are officially impressed.

Check this out, chicas: Headware introduces its latest innovation—the Kokoon!

It may look like an ordinary piece of cloth, but holy mother of multitaskers, it's the most versatile thing we've ever seen—transforming into a sling bag, a towel, a beach sarong, and a scarf. It's every traveler's must-have accessory!

Launch the gallery and check out its many uses.

Kokoon retails at P1,195 is available at Body & Soul Boracay, Habagat, Hangin Boracay, Joanna's Balesin, Kite Asia, Lonely Planet, Mandala Spa, Pinaskite Boarding, Planet Sports, ROX, and Stables Boracay. For more information, visit

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