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This Trendy Way To Carry Your Bag Is Kind Of Ridiculous

Won't your kilikili hurt?

The fashion world has given us a slew of strange trends best approached with caution. The latest to make us go WTF? This uncomfortable-looking way of slinging your bag so it sits right under your armpit.

For Fall 2016, the design duo at Proenza Schouler took a bunch of short-strapped purses and had models wear them cross-body style.

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On the runway, it might work. But in the Philippines, where sweating is inevitable, this just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. I mean, really, just imagine tucking a leather bag under your armpit. While wearing a sleeveless top. In the middle of summer. Reality won't look anything like this model, let me tell you.

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We do see one silver lining in this weird new trend: It keeps your bag secure from pickpockets and other malicious characters.

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Just don’t sweat all over it.

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