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Thrift Shops In Tokyo You Should Definitely Visit

Enjoy shopping in Japan without going broke!
PHOTO: (LEFT) istockphoto, (RIGHT) Instagram/stickout700store

There's a lot to admire about Japan, from its trippy toilets to its subway systems that could make you forget about Manila traffic. But shopping is a different experience altogether, and can be a bit daunting if it's your first time to visit! If you've been meaning to stock up on unique yet affordable fashion finds, here are a bunch of thrift shops to check out:

  1. Don Don Down On Wednesday

    This place is full of interesting vintage finds that come with tags to show you how long an item has been in stock. The longer an item's been on the shelves, the cheaper its price will be!

  2. Chicago

    Aptly named after the American city, Chicago specializes in anything and everything related to casual American fashion. Check it out if you're looking for stylish, hard-to-find denim.

  3. Kinji

    Thrift shopping can be a drag if stores aren't very diligent about displaying their prices properly. Kinji in Harajuku organizes their clothes by cost on their racks, which makes it a lot easier for shoppers who want to stick to a certain budget!

  4. Stick Out

    Everything you can find here is priced at 700 yen each (roughly P330). If you're into hunting for cheap, stylish finds, pay this store a visit.

  5. RAGTAG, Shibuya

    Designer bags can be thrifted too, and although they won't be as cheap as unbranded gems you can find in other stores, the fact that they're secondhand definitely means you'll still get to save some yen! According to The Wandering Suitcase, this branch carries brands like Marc Jacobs, Elizabeth and James, and Chloe, among others.

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