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How To Get 'Cottagecore' Aesthetic, The Trend That Makes Us Want To Embrace Slow Living

Nostalgic, cozy, and chill.
What is cottagecore
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If you've been seeing a lot of photos on your IG feed that look like they came from storybooks, you're not alone. The fondness of living the countryside life is a growing movement, and it has a name: Cottagecore.

What is cottagecore?

Cottagecore was inspired by English countryside living: Staying in a cottage (shocking) and using traditional skills like making your own bread, tending to your garden, wearing pretty prairie dresses, and creating crafts. In a nutshell, it's nostalgic, cozy, and chill.

But, there is more to embracing the cottagecore lifestyle: It's not just a fashionable aesthetic. Cottagecore is all about living a simple, slow, sustainable lifestyle with nature. It's a far cry from living your life on your phone screen—away from the Instagram lifestyle we've all been accustomed to. You're not compelled to buy the latest trending fashion or lifestyle item.

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Why is cottagecore a growing trend?

We're all living in strange times and the cottagecore lifestyle encourages us to slow down and live in the moment.

Is it hard to achieve the cottagecore aesthetic and lifestyle?

The slow, offline lifestyle could be something interesting to adopt if you're always browsing social media. You can start by considering the five senses when you incorporate cottagecore into your life:


Embrace soft hues, gingham, and floral prints when decorating your space. Bring nature in by placing plants in a corner (hi, plantitas!), or you may arrange fresh or dried flowers in vintage-looking vases. Rustic decor or shabby chic if you need more words to describe the style.

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Although cottagecore is about living offline, you don't need to get rid of your TV or toss your phone. Just limit your watching and browsing time so you can enjoy living in the present.

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Listen to nature sounds: The rustling of the leaves, birds chirping, or even rain or ocean ~*noise*~. You can also play some classical or lo-fi tracks to feel ~Zen~. Here's where picnics come in, too: You'll be outdoors listening to Mother Nature's playlist!


Warm, fuzzy tangible and untangible emotions—that's what cottagecore is. More than thick blankets and knitted clothing, it's important to experience things with intention. You can just chill in your room reading a book, feeling the paper's texture with every flip of the page.

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Fill your home with cozy and warm scents. Try scented candles that remind you of your favorite season or emotion. 


Remember when you got crazy about sourdough starters? That's one aspect of cottagecore. Making bread, baking cookies, or cooking up your favorite stew (or any food for that matter) from scratch. (BTW, these give off lovely scents, too!) A nice cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa will remind you to slow down.

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Bonus: The outfits

Stock up on prairie-inspired and puff-sleeve dresses. Plus points if they are made of lace or floral-printed fabric! Cardigans and cute sweaters are most welcome additions to your wardrobe, too. For shoes, try mary janes or weaved sandals.

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