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Would You Buy A Smart Bra For P7,000?


Smart phone, smart camera, smart wristband, smart menstrual cup... What’s next, a smart bra? Actually, yes! OMsignal, the same company that launched smart fitness shirts for men back in 2014, has just introduced the world’s first smart bra early this year at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The OMbra wants you to ditch smart wristbands for something you can hold closer to your heart—a smart bra that tracks a woman’s fitness activity and biometrics and then streams them to an iOS device.

On the outside, it’s the perfect sports bra women need. It has adjustable straps to adapt to different body shapes, your type of workout, and even your fashion mood—you can wear a tight top under the bra or a loose tank over it. The bra uses antimicrobial, sweat-wicking, and breathable mesh. The four-way stretchable fabric is made of polyester, nylon, and elastane, and will conform to your cup size and workout pressure, making sure your breasts are snug. Best of all, it doesn’t flatten your chest the way other sports bras do. There are removable pads for a comfy lift.


On the inside, it’s equipped with flexible sensors that will help you understand what your body is trying to say during and after working out. It tracks your progress, heart rate, breathing rhythm, and fatigue level. The bra’s biometric effort will give you an accurate and objective assessment of how much you pushed your body so that you’ll know if you should exercise a little harder or take a breather.

The smart bra can last up to 10 workouts before recharging. To wash, you need to unclip the smart box from the bra before placing the bra in the washing machine with any fabric detergent. Fabric conditioner is not recommended, according to the team behind OMbra.

The developers came up with the idea of a smart bra four years ago, but resources were limited back then. Now, 1,633 prototypes later, the OMbra is optimized for the retail market. It will be available online in spring for $150 (P7,000+) each and you may pre-order here.

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