Would You Date A Guy Who Wears Meggings?

Meggings = Man Leggings.

Is this for real?

Man purses we can understand, given there are only so many things you can fit into your jeans pockets, but leggings for men a.k.a. meggings is a whole new level of weird. We can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be down there. 

British designers, Luke Shipley and Tom Hunt, came up with the idea of sTitch Leggings after they were "forced" to wear "ill-fitting female leggings" to a themed party. According to their website, they "envision a day where men can wear what they want as opposed to what they should" and "to achieve this, [they] will strive to design and produce garments that liberate the modern man from conventional male fashion."

It’s definitely something different, but would you be okay with it if your guys decide to start wearing meggings? Sound off by commenting below!

Source: elitedaily.com

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