You Now Have a Guilt-Free Reason to Shop

You'll get discounts, too!

Did you know that tons of old clothes and textiles are just being dumped in landfills? No, we're not trying to guilt-trip you into wearing those pants forever—shopping for new clothes is just too much fun—we just want to tell you that 95 percent of them can be reused and that YOU can do your part for Mother Earth. 

Old clothes become new again with H&M's garment collecting initiative to close the loop between clothes production and waste. Donate any unwanted clothing or home textile to any H&M store for each item to graded and hand-sorted. Items that are worn-out will be recycled and revived into raw materials and new products. We’ve seen the re-born H&M Close the Loop Denim Collection (available by September 7), and each piece is crisp, well-made, and stylish. It's guilt-free shopping at its finest!

Apart from reducing waste and helping the environment whenever you give away old items to their stores, you will also receive a discount voucher for your next purchase as a reward. It’s a stylish win-win situation!

H&M is located at SM North, SM Megamall, SM Makati, Robinsons Place Manila, and Robinsons Magnolia.

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