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"Are There Any Comfortable Shoes Out There?"

This week's Fashion Q&A is all about shoes!

"What do I do about all my shoe wounds? I feel like my feet will never heal because I keep wearing precarious shoes."

Irritation and blisters are common in new shoes, because every shoe is different and rubs your foot in a different place. What you need to do is build up those calluses. That's tough to do if you have a large shoe collection and rotate your shoes often. Instead, try choosing just two pairs of shoes and alternating them for a week or so until your skin toughens up in those hot spots. Then, when you go in for a pedicure, make sure the pedicurist doesn't file those precious callouses away or else you'll be right back where you started. Calluses might not be super cute, but as long as your toenails are neat and tidy, no one will ever notice.

"After a couple hours on my feet, my knees, shins, and even my back are killing me, even in sneakers. Are there any comfortable shoes out there?"

The problem may not be your shoes, but your insoles. Make an appointment with a podiatrist and see if you can get a prescription for custom orthotics. They are not cheap and insurance may or may not cover them, but they will change your life. I swear. I got a pair of custom orthotics when I was in high school and I seriously don't know how I ever managed without them. Of course, there are tons of brands out there that sell ready-made insoles and kits for "custom" insoles, but your foot has over 100 working parts, so it is very possible that a mass-produced or home-fitted insole is not going to adequately correct for your particular issues.

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"I have a medical issue that prevents me from wearing heels. Are there any supportive shoes that are still cute and stylish?"

Flats, whether they are slip-ons, boots, or sneakers, can be just as cute and stylish as high heels. But, if support is an issue, lace-up sneakers are your best bet, since anything slip-on is not going to hold your heel or ankle in place, which is essential for proper support.

"I can't walk in heels. I wobble around like I'm drunk. How do models do it??!!"

A lot of models have to practice to get those killer runway walks, but it can be tough to motivate yourself to do that when your job isn't on the line. Start out with a low, sturdy heel and then work your way up to higher and narrower heels as you get more comfortable. Don't rush to stilettos right away and get discouraged. Click here for more tips on how to make high heels more comfortable.

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