10 Styling Tricks To Look Slimmer

You won't be needing a gym membership!

It might seem difficult, but there are tons of styling tips and tricks that can make you look like you shed a few pounds without exerting a lot of effort. It all begins with knowing the right pieces and silhouettes. So if you want to trim down a little bit without having to hit the gym, follow the tips below!

1. Go monochromatic. Wearing one color or hue from top to bottom will create one fluid straight line, making you look taller and thinner.

2. Vertical stripes are a must. This is a classic trick that you should definitely apply! Vertical stripes instantly create long lines that will make you appear leaner.

3. High-waist bottoms. Choosing bottoms that are directly above your belly button will cinch your waist and will give you a slimmer figure. 

4. Go with v-necks. This piece is great on girls who are top heavy, because a v-neck tee doesn't draw attention to your midsection, but rather the face.

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5. Own a pair of nude, pointed heels. This classic closet staple will make your legs look longer. 

6. Fit is key. Wearing pieces that are either too big or too tight will instantly make you appear bigger than you are. Choose items that graze your body without clinging too closely to your skin.

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7. Fit and flare. This dress silhouette is the most flattering for all body types as it instantly creates a slimmer silhouette while highlighting your best assets. 

8. Underwear that fits. Wearing undergarmets that are too snug will only create bulges. Always make sure your underwear is the perfect fit for your body.

9. Avoid bulky fabric. Wearing fabrics such as suede, velvet, corduroy, and fringe will only add unwanted pounds to your body. Stick to fabrics like jersey and fine cotton.

10. Cinch with skinny belts. Especially when layering with a blazer or jacket. This trick will define your waist in a flattering way.

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