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10 Trends That Died In 2014

They had their time. Had. Past tense.

A new year is a great time to think about a new wardrobe. Your family will no doubt give you a lot of things you can exchange, and you'll probably get a gift card or two in the mix to blow on what you really wanted. And what you really want, if you dig deep in your soul, is not the same, tired stuff you saw every other girl wear all year, maybe for the past several years.

The most fun clothes are sometimes styles you haven't worn before, so clear out the stuff everyone has and get a wardrobe of the ~*FuTuRe*~. Here's what to trade in and what to invest in for the new year.

1. Janties 
Jean panties. The choice bottom of every hot girl at a summer music festival for what feels like years. 

What To Buy: Short shorts with more coverage are not only more comfortable and less tired, they also tend to be more flattering. And you might get more wear out of them if you never felt comfortable wearing your janties on vacay with your boyfriend's family, for instance. 


2. Crowns 

It doesn't matter if they are jeweled, flowered, or covered in feathers—if you bought one of these things, you wore it to Coachella and then threw it under your bed and never looked at it again.

What To Buy: Asymmetric earrings are especially hot for 2015 and they are a great way to draw attention toward your face. 

3. Short, Flimsy Rompers
These tend to be unflattering from behind. Those gathered waists take all the shape out of your butt, and they're seldom the right length, so when you're walking, it either looks like your butt is trying to eat them or has spit them out in disgust.

What To Buy: Matching skirt and bottom sets give you the ease and style of a romper without all the weird fit issues. Added bonus: You avoid getting naked every time you have go to the bathroom.

4. Culottes
If you're not a pirate, it's hard to make a real usage case for these.

What To Buy: Just wear a skirt. Or pants. Either way. Unless, of course, you want to dress like you just Freaky Friday-ed with your great grandfather.

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5. Poufy Midi Skirts
They're sort of '50s housewife meets background ballet dancer and they're hard to style without looking like you're wearing a costume.

What To Buy: Midis can still be totally cute, just simplify them a bit—no gathered seams or unflattering box-pleats around the waist. And no tulle.

6. Mom Jeans

This is what happens when '90s nostalgia meets the boyfriend jean craze: just a big, baggy, stonewashed crotch. 

What To Buy: You'll be just as comfy in a pair of slim-cut boyfriend jeans, without looking like you are carrying a sack lunch in your pants.

7. Metallic Temporary Tattoos
So cool then. Everywhere so fast. So tired now. 

What To Buy:
How about some real jewelry? You know, stuff you can wear more than once and take off after one day without baby oil and a scrub brush.

8. Normcore Footwear 
You can never go wrong with clean lines and simple, utilitarian styling. The real problem with this trend is that designers are charging P3,000 or more for shower slides. 


What To Buy: The best thing about the rise of normcore footwear is that it has helped make flats and sneakers just as chic as high heels, but you don't have to go super-minimal. Have a little fun with your comfy footwear—color, texture, sparkle, oh my!

9. Kimonos

They had their time. Had. Past tense. They're just not functional. They don't add warmth or shape or really much of anything to an outfit.

What To Buy: A jacket with a little structure and tailoring is a whole lot more versatile and flattering than a big, baggy kimono.

10. Side Cutouts 
Been there, done that. And now clothing labels are starting to put them in fishy places on dresses like below the waist, which isn't as flattering as you might think. 

What To Buy: This year, it's all about the high slit. Legs for days! You might even be able resurrect your old mullet skirt again if you can wear it sideways so it covers one leg and leaves the other one exposed.



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