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11 Reasons Why Getting Ready In The Morning Is The Absolute Worst

"I want to wear a sleeveless top, but that would require me to shave my underarms, and nobody has time to do that."

1. You can't find a bra that matches your top. You want to wear your off-shoulder top, but all your strapless bras are in the laundry. You want to wear your white button- down polo to work, but your nude bras are still hanging to dry. Nothing is ever where it's supposed to be. "'Wag na lang kaya ako lumabas?!"

2. You don't have enough seamless underwear. You have ONE nude, seamless panty—and it happens to be in the washing machine. How can you wear your tight AF skirt when you have no seamless underwear! There is in no way you are walking out of the house with a VPL. Or without underwear.

3. You aren't awake enough yet to pick out an outfit in your head. Wala ka pang kape. Wala ka pa sa mood mag-isip kung anong balak mo suotin.

4. You don't plan on getting out of bed yet. Because if you had a choice, you'd be in sweats the whole day.

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5. You haven't shaved or waxed. "I want to wear a sleeveless top, but that would require me to shave my underarms, and nobody has time to do that."

6. You'd rather check your Instagram feed before getting out of bed. Okay, the reason why girls are late in the A.M. isn't because they have nothing to wear. It is literally because they spend thirty minutes of the morning in bed, double tapping on IG.

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7. You're still confused if you should wear heels or sneakers. "It might seem so unprofessional to wear sneakers to work, but I really don't want to wear heels because #pain. Also, I'm riding the MRT today."

8. You're tamad to dress up. But you know you'll bump into Office Crush today, so you want to put in the extra effort so he'll actually notice you.

9. Speaking of extra effort! You want to make it seem like your outfit was "literally something I just thought of in three seconds." But everyone knows that is a LIE. "How do I make this pencil skirt and bodysuit combo ~*casual*~?"

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10. The weather is weird. It is ridiculously hot outside, so you assume that a tank top and denim cut-offs for casual brunch with girlfriends is okay. But then you get inside the restaurant, and it is suddenly signal no. 4 outside.

11. You have NOTHING to wear. This is a legit excuse every girl says. Every day. At 7:30 a.m. Despite having a closet FULL of clothes.

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