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12 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Fashion Girl

I dress better than you, so don't show up to a date looking like you're going to play basketball.

1. I am obsessed with Instagram.
I can live without Twitter or Facebook, but God knows I cannot go through a day without checking my Instagram feed. I don't exactly have to post anything, but there is something truly fascinating about scrolling IG—stalking bloggers, models, and designers. In relation to this, the only filters I use are Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, and Perpetua. I may have also bought #VSCO filters through the Apple store.

2. Hence, don't hate me if I'm on my phone all the time.
I really want to perfect #flatlay. Also, I must Instagram the new shoes I bought from Charles & Keith!

3. I may actually have a shopping problem.
But don't tell me that.

4. I always have an excuse to go shopping.
Bad day at work? H&M Is On Sale! Flunked my orals? Mango Is There! I absolutely killed my presentation? Zara Isn't On Sale, But Who Gives A Fuck?!

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(P.S. Sometimes when I find myself with five minutes to spare, I go to to check if things are on sale, and I always end up buying something. If they aren't on sale? That's okaaay.)

5. If you don't like how I dress, don't date me.
If my skirt length is an issue, or if my high heels are too high for you, don't even bother asking me out. How I dress shouldn't matter to you, because I don't plan to dress differently once we start dating. I may take into consideration the clothes you like seeing on me, but remember: I don't dress up for you, I dress up for me.

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6. But since we're talking about dressing up for you! Know that my underwear collection is flawless AF.
I have really, REALLY sexy nice underwear. ;)

7. I like shoes okay?
I like heels and sneakers and flats. I have a lot. I have a lot of things inside my closet.

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8. Mornings are crazy.
Because I have a lot of clothes, I also have a million different options. So picking out an outfit in the morning is HELL. I have to take into consideration where I'm going, what I'm doing, who I'm seeing, if I'm taking the MRT or if I'm driving, if I have lakad after work, or I'm just running errands. My room will most likely look like a tornado just passed through it after picking out an outfit.

9. If you tell me, "God, you look great," never believe me if I say, "Oh, this outfit? It's just something I picked out randomly..."
I am lying. Nothing is ever coincidental. I planned this outfit a million years ago.

10. You have to plan a date in advance.
Because I have to prepare my outfit. See #8. It takes me...two hours to get ready.

11. I really expect you to dress up when you see me.
You should know this! You will have an appreciation for men's fashion once you start dating me, because I will style you in my head every day! I will tell you which clothes look good on you and which ones don't...

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12. So don't hate me if I show up on your doorstep with three garbage bags and a big smile on my face!
Baby, it is time to get rid of your fedora hats and your douchebag sandos. Also, your graphic t-shirts that say "BOLERO." #Please


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