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13 Sandals Problems Every Woman Knows Are So Real

That little toe wants to escape. So. Badly.

1. Buying a bunch of cute high-heeled sandals and then only really wearing the one pair of flats you have because you don't have the energy to wear heeled sandals all day. Why are all the cute ones 5-inch wedges?! Come on. 

2. Quickly ruining your super-fancy sandals by putting your gross, sandy feet in them, thereby making them 90 percent sand. 

3. Pulling your hair out because most of them are so freaking ugly. It shouldn't be this hard to find cute summer sandals that don't look like Adidas slip-ons. And yet. 

4. When your strappy sandals fit just fine in the morning, but by 5 p.m. you're walking around with suffocated pork sausage feet with no way to free them unless you become "not wearing shoes girl" at work. Not to mention...

5. When your feet get blisters from being trapped in their sandals prison. And it's always on the back of your heel where no Band-Aid shall live for more than approximately 20 human minutes (maybe that's like 400 foot minutes?)

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6. When your sandal strap breaks from the bottom of the shoe and now not only are the shoes ruined, but you have to hobble to the nearest store for flip-flops or become "not wearing shoes girl" in the dirty, dirty street. 

7. When your sandals smell way worse than your feet. And you feel the need to tell this to every single person you meet like you're being sworn in at a courtroom by a judge.  

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8. When you can't wear the open-toed sandals that look perfect with your outfit because your pedicure is a nightmare (or, true story, you haven't had one in forever and it shoooows). 

9. When your pinky toe becomes the Rosie the Riveter of your shoes and is using its warrior spirit to break free from the shackles of shoes  even though that really freaking hurts a lot and also it is just rude.

10. When you have to rinse off your feet every night before getting into bed because you can't possibly put them in your sheets looking like that. Sometimes while rinsing my disgusting filth feet in a tub I think, Why do I even bother wearing sandals? To protect my feet from getting dirty? Because they do not do that.

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11. When the bottoms of your sandals become so dirty and somehow track more disgusting stuff into your house than any other type of shoe. Maybe this is just me but I can wear sneakers and heels in my house after being outside all day and be totally fine, but when I wear sandals that have been outside, I might as well just be wearing shoes made of mud paste because that's what my floors look like. 

12. When platform sandals aren't even on the bottom so you constantly feel like you're about to go hurdling through space. Hey, shoe manufacturers, this makes me fear death constantly. Please stop doing it. I'm so scared. 

13. Getting so used to wearing sandals all the time and then the rainy season comes and you have to wear stupid regular shoes again. And you feel like a kid who was just told Christmas is over and there will be no more presents. But whyyyyyy?!

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