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16 Signs You Have A Stylish Girlfriend

You can pinroll your jeans like a grown-ass man. Oh, you don't know what that means? I pity you.

1. Malls no longer intimidate you.
Your girlfriend has dragged you to every imaginable mall with an H&M, Forever 21, Topshop, and Uniqlo store. So you're used to the long lines at the cashier; you're used to seeing the boyfriends sitting on waiting couches playing Clash of Clans.

In fact, you AREN'T one of the boyfriends looking bored AF playing Clash of Clans. In fact, once you lose your girlfriend in the sale section, you go straight to the men's section to pick out clothes for you.

2. You know so much about fashion.
You know what a crop top is. You know what peplum looks like. You don't freak out when your girlfriend throws random terms like "chambray" or "jumpsuit" or "jeggings." You can differentiate a pencil skirt from an A-line skirt—wait, is that too much? Basta, madami kang alam sa fashion!

3. You've become so good at dressing up.
Having a stylish girlfriend means there's extra pressure to look good, because the last thing you want is to be mistaken as her alalay. With her around, you now iron your shirts, you double check whether you have stains on your khaki pants, and you now have so many belts! LOTS AND LOTS OF BELTS! 

4. You get random fashion gifts from her.
"Babe, I got you new Star Wars cuff links," is the hottest thing she's ever told you.


5. You suddenly own a lot of shoes.
You realize that it's not just enough to have a pair of Nike Jordans. You need brown wingtip leather brogues. And black lace-up shoes for work. You actually know what those shoes look like, it's kind of alarming?

6. You can pinroll your jeans.
Oh, you don't know what that means? I pity you.

7. You have nice socks.
Before you met your girlfriend, you only had black and white sports socks na pang-basketball. Now you have printed ones. You have striped socks in bold blues and reds! You really like socks!

8. You have an actual grown-ass, tailored suit in your closet.
"Babe, invited tayo sa wedding ni Chris and Jill, pero next year pa 'yun. Pagawa ka na ng suit kasi puwede mo siyang gamitin before the wedding. Kasi 'di ba ikakasal na rin 'yung officemate mo soon?"

9. You say you own "kicks" or "sneakers,"  you don't say "rubber shoes."
Seriously, who says rubber shoes?!

10. You're not afraid to try new trends.
"This floral shirt is actually pretty cool. Also, it makes my biceps look nice. Nevermind if everyone goes to work in black and white. This floral shirt is the shit."

11. You know who Christian Louboutin is.
Remember they had a fashion question during an all-guys Quiz Night? And then the host asked, "Which fashion brand is known for having iconic red soles on their shoes?" Yeah, and you were the only one who knew it was Christian Louboutin? And it was kind of embarrassing?

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12. More importantly, you can spell AND pronounce Christian Louboutin.

13. You've seen The Devil Wears Prada about a million times.
And you know that cerulean is a color. It is blue.

14. When you go through your Facebook photos, you cringe at what you looked like in 2010.
"Tangina, what was I wearing? Basketball shoes, malaking jeans and a pambahay shirt? TO A PARTY? BV, gago."

15. You have a Pinterest account.
You have a board containing "Hot Cars," "Cool Gadgets," and "Geeky Stuff." And then you have a secret board called, "Style Pegs," which only your fashion-forward girlfriend can see. Heehee!

16. You have an appreciation for fashion. Heck, you love it!
Browsing through the pages of Esquire Philippines or is kind of your thing now. Some days you catch yourself alone at a coffee shop, and a girl wearing jeggings and a crop top walks in, and then you find yourself completely judging her. "Is she really wearing that?! God, ang pangit." Yep, you have become that guy. 


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