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26 Bra Things Every Girl Understands

You don't want to leave the house because you don't want to put a bra on.

1. You wanted to wear one when you were a little girl. Underwear sections in department stores looked magical. All the pretty colors, the laces, the ribbons. How they made you want to be a woman right there and then!

2. Bra-shopping with your mom made you feel awkward. Let’s admit: tween bras look bad—they don’t look like those Victoria Secret bras you thought you’d end up wearing. Heck, they don’t even look like actual bras. And as your mom pulls out “bras” for you to try, the saleslady is just lurking and you feel like she’s judging you and your yet-to-grow boobs.

3. You wished you could just find bras yourself. You just can’t stand it when your mom and the saleslady keep looking at your chest area, even when they’re doing it to help you out. You just want them to leave you alone, but you don’t really know how to look for bras.

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4. Wearing bras for the first time made you feel adult. Remember those days when you thought wearing a bra was IT? How far you’ve come!

5. Bras are expensive. Thank goodness for sale season. In the meantime, you have to limit the number of bras you’re buying to…one. Two, max. This is def a struggle when there are loads of cute ones on the rack.

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6. It’s difficult to find the perfect size for you. In this country, if you’re flat-chested or you got a D cup (or larger), good luck finding a bra that fits.

7. You need to adjust your bra, but you can’t since you’re in public. So your boobs will just be angled to the side or tilted at different angles for the world to see. Great.

8. Bras are uncomfortable. Well, they do have to be tight enough so they don’t fall or move around. But “tight enough” is pretty tight that you can ALWAYS feel your bra hugging—or rather, squeezing—your body.

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9. Falling bra straps! No matter how much you adjust them to the right length, when you sit or bend, the straps will just loosen up and slip down your shoulders. Pretty embarrassing when you’re wearing a sleeveless top. Sometimes you don’t even know they’ve fallen until you try reaching for something and find out you can’t stretch all the way.

10. Strapless bras are a joke. If you’re flat-chested, these babies make you look like you have fake boobs: rock-hard-looking lumps out of nowhere. If you’re ample-bosomed, they just keep falling. Ugh.

11. Lace bras are stupid. They don’t offer support and they don’t cover your breasts. What’s the point? (DON’T SAY "BOYS" OR "SEXY TIME!")

12. Not really knowing what to do when you’re about to wear a backless dress. Well, bras are pretty much out of the question.

13. Bras can show your back flab. “I don’t really have back flab! Promise! It’s just my bra pressing onto my skin.”

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14. Bras make you feel warm. They are another layer of clothing after all. Plus, they’re tight so your chest area can barely breathe, and you can just feel your breasts sweat to no end. Eww.

15. Sports bras are comfy but they make you look like you have a uniboob. This ain’t pretty.

16. Sports bras are a struggle to take off after you exercise. Look who’s training to be a contortionist!

17. Underwires make your boobs look amazing. They give the right oomph to your breasts! (If you got some.)

18. When the underwire begins to poke its way out of the fabric and stabs you. One: Your expensive bra is broken! *moment of sadness* Two: You want to keep wearing the bra, but no matter how much you push the underwire back down, it goes up again and hurts you. Huhu.

19. You don’t really know how to pack your bras in a suitcase or a backpack. Other people say you should stuff them with socks to maintain their shape, so okay?!

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20. You find your favorite bras squished or deformed after unpacking. THEY LIED TO YOU. Your bras are deformed forever. #Tear

21. You have to devote loads of closet space for your bras. One drawer isn’t enough. You need two or you end up piling your bras up and make a tower.

22. You don’t want to leave the house because you don’t want to put a bra on. Especially when you just took it off! Also, see #8.

23. You don’t like it when there are guests at your place because you have to put a bra on. You’d rather come off as antisocial than wear a bra. Anyway you’ll make it up some other time when you’re not at home.

24. You keep wondering why you have to wear a bra. Seriously, is all the hassle worth it?!

25. You wonder why EVERY WOMAN NEEDS to wear a bra. Every woman likes the feeling of not wearing one, so why should we all wear one? To hide nipple marks? WHY?!

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26. Taking it off and feeling like a free woman. BOOBS, SAY HELLO TO THE BREEZE!!!

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