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4 Stylish Ways To Wear Sneakers That You Probably Haven't Tried Yet

Time to dress from the bottom up!
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Sneakers are everyone’s must-have shoe staple, due to the fact that they can be styled in so many ways. If you think you’ve exhausted every possible outfit combo with your favorite pair, change your style perspective to make your OOTDs interesting again.

Here's a new way to dress up: Start from your shoes and work your way up—you’ll be surprised by all the looks you can come up with. Here are some fresh outfit combos that highlight your kicks and upgrade your cool look to new heights.

1. Cuff your bottoms and go androgynous.

Take cues from Lauren Reid. Style your low-cut sneaks with a pair of rugged cargo pants—cuffed, of course, for better exposure. Complete the look with a statement tee that’s borrowed from the boys. This look screams cool girl without even trying.

2. Show off some skin.

Balance out your high-top sneakers with a look that reveals a little more skin. Like Jennica Sanchez, wear a roomy pair of hipster pants and throw on your favorite cropped halter top. If you’re feeling a little shy about showing off your midsection, layer on a sleeveless button-down shirt.

3. Get into the oversized trend.

Kiana Valenciano in an oversized jumpsuit is proof that you can make utilitarian dressing fun and young. To accentuate your shoes more, wear a pair that makes a drastic color contrast with your outfit.

4. Play with texture.

Chuck Taylors have a naturally rugged feel to them, but it doesn’t mean you can only wear them with muted earth tones. Take Kyline Alcantara’s look with her striking pleather pants and her bright blue silk jacket. For added attitude, make it look like you tied your laces haphazardly.

When in doubt, take inspiration from your shoes, style around them, and let your sneakers do the talking. You can make a statement with Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, the iconic basketball shoe that has made a mark on street style and is loved by rebels, originals, and iconoclasts. Put on your #ChucksFirst and join Converse's Start From The Bottom campaign.

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