5 Office Outfit Combinations That Always Work


When it comes to office clothes, there’s no reason why you should get stuck in a rut! Below are stylish ensembles you can rely on to look polished and professional at work.

1. Long-sleeved blouse + pencil skirt
For an on-trend update on this timeless combination, try a printed pussy bow blouse or a chic choker-style top.

Forever 21

2. Slim top + sleeveless blazer + pants
For that effortless boy-girl mix, layer a structured long-line waistcoat over a form-fitting tee and slightly baggy trousers or culottes.

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3. Collared shirt + slim trousers
While we love plain fabrics for their classic appeal, patterns and prints are worth experimenting with, too. Try watercolor florals, boyish plaids, and discreet dots.

Dorothy Perkins

4. Boxy top + midi skirt
On your off days, you’d probably style a midi skirt the ultra feminine way. For work, why not go for something more minimalist and directional?

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5. Button-down + blazer + cropped pants
This clothing equation can look old and frumpy fast, so you’d have to be extra careful. Fit is very important—opt for a slightly shrunken blazer over a longer top and cropped trousers.


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