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5 Things You Should Stop Wearing When It's Raining

Hang these at the back of your closet temporarily--or until the sun comes out.

1. Crop tops

We get it, you have a flat tummy—and abs. But a tiny tee doesn't really cover up a lot, and you'll only end up heading home soaked in rain and like really, really cold.

2. Sandals and Strappy Heels

Sure, they're pretty and they show off the cute pedicure you got over the weekend, but nothing is worse than stepping on a puddle—and getting wet and icky toes.

3. Maxi skirts

Unless you want mud stains on the edge of your skirt, DON'T. Pencil skirts are a safe bet—they're short enough to not get wet during the rainy season, but long enough to be worn inside the office, too.

4. Fabric shoes

Those white canvas slip-ons you love so much are only going to get mud stains at the end of the day—especially if you commute from home. Here's a nice tip: Invest in a pair of dark-colored kicks, and use those during your morning commute (sneaks are soo trendy anyway). Change into your favorite pair of heels once you get to your desk, and no one will know!

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5. All-white ensembles

It really was our favorite summer trend. But with this erratic weather, it's hard to pull off a striking all-white ensemble, without getting it soiled. Not advisable for those who always spill their Starbucks on their clothes, either. But if you really love white, incorporate one or two pieces in your ensemble, instead—like a necklace or a couple of bracelets.

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