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Fashion Hack: 5 Ways To Make Your Boobs Perkier Without Surgery

Because not everyone is #blessed.

1. The right bra will make a huge difference.

You will find a lot of do-it-yourself tutorials online, showing you how to measure your cup size. Don't get us wrong: It's good to know. But your size can differ, depending on where you buy your lingerie. For instance, you may be a 32B in La Senza, but you're a 34A in Avon. So it's best to let the sales attendants measure your cup size every time you a buy a new bra. Oh, and never underestimate the power of underwire and a little cushioning. Your girls will need the extra lift!

2. Shopping for a new bikini? Skip bandeaus.

Bandeaus are good for girls with bigger boobs, because they push breasts in. If you're partial to that cut, get one with underwire and minimal padding. We suggest sticking to halter bikinis though, because those squeeze and lift your breasts. 

3. Strategically-placed accessories are everything.

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Here's a technique you might want to try: Remove about 2-3 buttons in your long-sleeved polocreating a low-cut neckline that will reveal a little bit of cleavage. Accessorize with a necklace, which will draw attention to your girls.

4. Sweetheart necklines are the best.

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Tops with this kind of neckline are low in the middlecreating the illusion of fuller breasts.

5. Don't skip the shoulder press at the gym.

According to Astrid McGuire, a trainer for Barry's Bootcamp, shoulder presses will actually enhance your breasts and make them appear perkier; they're not just for arm toning!